Affinity Mango Cleanse Review: Does it Work? Scam, Side Effects, Ingredients

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Affinity Mango Cleanse ReviewsAffinity Mango Cleanse reviews

Affinity mango cleanse is a natural product that is made from mango fruit alongside other ingredients. It is geared towards helping people have a healthy digestive system and a circulatory system that is free from toxins. In addition, it is also meant for use by people who wish to lose weight.

Company Behind Affinity Mango Cleanse

It is not quite clear who exactly is behind Affinity mango cleanse. Being that there’s no forthright information in regards to the product’s manufacturers, you cannot be quite sure of its authenticity and genuineness. You should therefore exercise some caution before deciding to spend your money on it.

Affinity Mango Cleanse Claims

According to the information printed on Affinity mango cleanse’s package, the product offers users a number of benefits. These include elimination of toxins, increase in energy levels, elimination of gut bacteria, effective digestion of nutrients, and weight loss among a few others.

Remember however that these are merely claims, it hasn’t been ascertained whether the product really works as stated on its package.

Affinity Mango Cleanse Ingredients

The ingredients in the product include mango extract, maca, and garcinia cambogia extract. The mango extract is indicated as being helpful to the digestive system whereas maca is said to help in detoxification of the body as well as ensuring that the digestive system functions effectively. Garcinia cambogia on its part is described as being helpful with weight loss.

How Does Affinity Mango Cleanse Work?

As per the claims on its package, Affinity mango cleanse works by flushing out harmful toxins from your system, thereby leaving your body healthy and less susceptible to fatigue. In addition, the product rids your digestive system of bacteria which result from consumption of saturated food. Your gut thereafter becomes healthier than it was before that. Furthermore, the product is claimed to help in weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. You are able to burn more fat in such a case.

Affinity Mango Cleanse Pros

The product has the following pros:

  • Detoxification of the body through elimination of harmful toxins and materials.
  • Improvement of the digestive system’s function through clearance of bacteria and impurities.
  • Help with weight loss through increase in metabolic rate.

Affinity Mango Cleanse Cons

Affinity mango cleanse has a number of disadvantages. These are as follows:

  • It isn’t scientifically tested. Despite of the claims that the product’s ingredients play particular beneficial roles, there’s no scientific research to back those claims as facts.
  • It is not recognised by relevant health bodies. The product hasn’t been endorsed by health authority bodies such as the FDA and the NHS among others. You therefore cannot be sure of its safety and suitability.
  • It contains scanty details in regards to its manufacturing and components. You therefore cannot be sure of its authenticity.
  • It is more expensive in comparison to other supplements which offer similar benefits as it is claimed to offer.

Affinity Mango Cleanse Results

As per the indications on its package, you will begin to notice beneficial changes within a few weeks of using it. It is advised that you use it regularly for maximum benefits.

Where to buy Affinity Mango Cleanse?

The mango cleanse product is mostly bought through online orders. There are a number of dealers online who engage in the distribution of this detoxification product. You can place an order with any of them and then receive it after making payment. Most of the dealers will charge you a shipping fee on top of the product’s price.

Is Affinity Mango Cleanse a Scam?

Is Affinity mango cleanse a scam? Well, it’s not so easy to answer this question. However judging from the mystery that surrounds the product, it could as well be a scam. There are for example no verifiable details about users who have tried the product and received positive results from its use. It is advisable to exercise some restraint before buying the product or further still, don’t buy it at all.

Affinity Mango Cleanse Side Effects

Affinity mango cleanse is known to cause dehydration in certain cases. In addition, it may also interfere with you if you’re on other medication. It’s therefore not advisable to take it while on other medication.

The product could also be having other unknown side effects. The manufacturers didn’t however indicate its side effects as every manufacturer of pharmaceutical products is required to do.

Final Verdict

Based on all the information about Affinity mango cleanse, it’s advisable not to buy it for the sake of your health and wellbeing. You can try other tested and proven products if you want the benefits that it is claimed to offer.

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