Balance Fit Garcinia Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients

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Balance Fit Garcinia Reviews

The slim trend has been around for a while now. Apart from aiming to get a hot body, people follow this trend to avoid health risks that may rise up as a result of excess body fat. Balance Fit Garcinia is a supplement created to help with weight loss process.

Company behind Balance Fit Garcinia

The exact manufacturer of Balance Fit Garcinia is not clear as the websites do not specify. The there are before and after pictures on the websites and a free trial offer.

Balance Fit Garcinia Claims

Balance Fit Garcinia reviews
Balance Fit Garcinia claims to have the following benefits:

  • Appetite and craving suppressor
  • Produced from 100% organic Garcinia extract
  • Has up to 60% of HCA
  • Increase energy and motivation levels
  • Burn fat and speed-up weight loss

Balance Fit Garcinia Ingredients

Balance Fit Garcinia is said to have potassium to boost absorption by the body and produce faster results. It also contains 60% of Hydroxyccitric acid gotten from Garcinia Cambodia. This HCA is meant to slow production of fat, suppress appetite and increase energy. It also contains chromium to boost metabolism.

How Does Balance Fit Garcinia Work?

The active ingredient in Balance Fit Garcinia is the HCA that has natural appetite suppression abilities as well as energy boosting powers and the ability to accelerate weight loss. Once swallowed, the Balance Fit Garcinia pill will turn fat into glycogen that prevent fat production and boost energy. While this is happening, the appetite suppressor will stop you from craving food.

Balance Fit Garcinia Pros

  • This pill will not harm you even if it does not improve your weight loss situation. It should however not be taken in excess.
  • It might improve metabolic rate and cause longer periods of activity which can be a plus to loosing weight if you are combining the pill with exercise.

Balance Fit Garcinia Cons

  • You should keep within the limits as instructed when taking Balance Fit Garcinia or it will be harmful to your health.
  • This product cannot be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • It is not suitable for children.
  • There is little or no information about intake dosage.

Balance Fit Garcinia Results

The evidence for rating the results of Balance Fit Garcinia is inadequate but weight loss and increased exercise performance are some results.

Where to buy Balance Fit Garcinia?

The website for this product does not provide a link to purchase and there are no known stores. However, some supplement stores and online vitamin stores have this product available for shipping. The most popular source is online stores.

Is Balance Fit Garcinia a Scam?

Balance Fit Garcinia has made many strong claims of being a miracle weight loss solution but like many of the so called miracle weight loss solutions’ in the past, it has its faults. Many of the claims are not proven and not everyone has received positive results from using it.

Balance Fit Garcinia Side effects

Balance Fit Garcinia could be safe if taken orally for less than 12 weeks consecutively. It is not safe if taken for a prolonged period. Some side effects include discomfort of the digestive tract, headache and nausea. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women should also avoid this pill to be safe.

Final Verdict

There is insufficient information as to the working capacity of Balance Fit Garcinia. Some people have had no progress at all with it while there are some claim they have been getting good results from using it. It is best combined with exercise but there is no real guarantee, apart from sparse claims, that it will work. Further proof is required.

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