Biogenex Testo Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients

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Biogenex Testo reviewsBiogenex Testo Reviews

The food supplement Biogenex Testo has been created to enhance testosterone production in human body, to achieve a lean physique and to elevate muscle building ability. It is meant to improve hormonal function, something that happens naturally in youth. People who have been a part of the aging process and the body is failing to generate testosterone in necessary amounts, this food supplement is created for them.

Company Behind Biogenex Testo

Biogenex is a well known international brand that has a good reputation and years of experience. The ingredients are all natural products that are used by the company.

Biogenex Testo Ingredients and How they Work?

The working of any food supplement depends on the ingredients of the product. Here are the contents and how each of them help:

a) Macra root – It helps to enhance the overall sexual performance and also excites the body and makes one horny for sex. It helps in elevating the level of testosterone and increases the stamina of an individual, which in turn is motivating.

b) Horny goat-weed : It helps in raising the photosynthesis level so that the muscles get leaner stronger, healthier and absolutely solid.

c) Tribulus Terrestris : It enhances the libido and the level of sexual performance.

d) Boron : It provides more strength to the complete body.

e) L Citrulline : It is an amino acid that expands the blood vessels.

f) Energy Boosters : It helps in raising energy levels so that one can workout harder.

So with all these ingredients, the supplement ensures that the sexual performance is improved and also a there is remarkable improvement in the endurance and the muscle mass.

What does Biogenex Testo Claim ?

This supplement claims to raise the free testosterone amount in the male body. It also claims that there would be an improvement in the muscle mass and that would be maintained with regular consumption. It increases sexual libido and improves endurance.

Biogenex Testo Pros

  • Raises the energy levels.
  • Increases endurance.
  • Increases sexual drive and libido.
  • Increases testosterone production.

Biogenex Testo Cons

1) There is no approval from FDA.

2) There is no proof of the formula being tested.

3) The website is under construction, so any consumer cannot get in touch with company or the team for support.

Where to buy Biogenex Testo?


These are capsules and only one tablet a day should be consumed before working out. If some doctor prescribes some other dosage, then that should be followed.

Biogenex Testo Side Effects

As such there have been no side effects that have been reported. However, there is some adult supplements present in BioGenex Testo, so it is not suitable for children under 18. Also, if any individual is going through some important medical treatment, then it should be consumed only after the physician recommends the same.

Final Verdict

There are doubts around the fact whether the supplement is capable of providing desirous results. Also as per customer reviews, some of them have not seen any difference, in lieu with what has been advertised that the product is capable of. So, there are a lot of grey areas around the supplement and one should do more research before consuming the same.

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