BPI Niagenix Review: Scam, Does it Work? Ingredients, Side Effects

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BPI Niagenix Reviews

Niagenix reviews
BPI Niagenix is one of the many weight loss supplements in town. It works best with your bodily needs and helps them get rid of the excess fat. Increasing metabolism, burning fat, releasing energy is the basic way this drug works. To date, there have not been any negative reviews about this product, which means that so far, it has been a success.

Company Behind BPI Niagenix

Niagenix is made by a company named BPI sports. The company is famous for making medicines that have helped people over the years to lose body fat. It does extensive research and development to devise drugs that help people cut down on their weight and be healthy.

BPI Niagenix Claims

Niagenix, like all weight supplements, has the same claims. These include, increasing the metabolic rate of the body which in turn burns fat and makes the person energetic. Moreover, it warrants that there are no side effects of the supplement nor does it have any steroids which can cause the person to be hooked onto this drug.

BPI Niagenix Ingredients

Niagenix contains minimal ingredients. They are primarily those which are known to release energy into the body to make it fresh and active. These ingredients are;

  • 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 helps the body to break down all the excess fat and utilize it in providing energy for the body.
  • Niagenix blend. This is a combination of other ingredients primarily caffeine, cholorgenic acid, paradise seed extracts etc. The purpose of each is to help provide energy to the body while not prompting the body for additional food.
  • Liposomal Matrix Delivery System. Liposomal helps as an agent and cuts down those stubborn fats which are permanently deposited in the body and there is no way of breaking them down.
  • Others. Flavoring agents, gelatin and all the other imaginable ingredients that help digesting Niagenix.

How Does BPI Niagenix Work?

Since it is a solid supplement consuming it is not a difficult task. It is recommended to take 2 capsules of Niagenix on an empty stomach in the morning. This way the stomach will feel full all day and not prompt you towards food. Niagenix is quickly absorbed and digested into the body. Each ingredient starts working once it is diluted into the blood stream and the effects are soon visible.

BPI Niagenix Pros

  • It has simple ingredients. Vitamin D3, caffeine, chologenic acids all give a filled feeling to the brain which prevents you from eating additional and putting on weight.
  • No side effects. So far there have been no claims of major side effects that people may have faced by consuming this supplement.

BPI Niagenix Cons

  • The ingredients are not linked to weight loss. They do give a filled feeling to the brain and stomach but are not the most recommended ones for weight loss
  • Just consuming a supplement does not lead to quick weight loss. It has to be complemented with diet control and exercise too. Therefore Niagenix on its own is not worthy.
  • It has led to upsetting stomach and causing digestion problems in a few people.
  • It is an expensive drug if compared to all the others present in the market.

BPI Niagenix Results

Niagenix has worked for a few people. However the supplement needs to be taken along with a controlled diet and be bundled with exercise to see results. Moreover, results are not visible instantly rather over a period of time.

Where to Buy BPI Niagenix?

BPI Sports delivers Niagenix to many countries all over the world. One can simply order it online from their website. It is also available at pharmacies but is only sold at a doctor’s prescription.

Is Niagenix a Scam?

It depends. Niagenix so far has not been reported as a scam but as mentioned it needs to be taken along with many other precautions and additives.

Side effects – 50 words,

Niagenix Side Effects

Except for a few people reporting stomach upsets, so far Niagenix has not received a negative review. This is also because the ingredients are too simple to lead to a negative review or lead to any side effects. The company also proudly claims no visible side effects.

Final Verdict

Overall, it is a simple drug with basic ingredients. However the ingredients do not show a close affiliation with weight loss. Furthermore, it is always advised to consume such medicines only after consulting a doctor and only as per their recommendation.

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