Burn XT Review: Does it Work, Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients

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Burn XTBurn XT Reviews

Burn XT is a pre-workout weight loss supplement. It aims to help its users to achieve weight loss in a quicker and less strenuous way. It does this by burning up excess fat in the body and reduce appetite for food. The supplement has also incorporated energy booster to make up for the decreased calorie intake due to appetite loss and also to provide energy for a workout.

Company behind Burn XT

Company behind Burn XT is a product of Jacked Factory, a company based in Canada that specializes in the manufacture, packaging, and distribution of dietary supplement drugs. The company has been in operation long enough to understand the needs of its consumers and manufactures the supplement to help them solve their everyday problems.

Burn XT Claims

  • The supplement claims to help achieve the following results:
  • Increases body metabolism.
  • Increase the rate at which the body burns excess fat.
  • Reduces craving for food which leads to less fat accumulation in the body.
  • Leads to increased energy levels in the body.

Burn XT Ingredients

Ingredients Burn Xt has four main ingredients. These are;

  • Green tea: They are known to contain a powerful antioxidant, catechins, which aid in burning fat in the body.
  • Carnitine: They’re the reason behind high energy levels despite its users consuming less calorie.
  • Caffeine: It also boosts energy levels in the body
  • Capsimax: It increases heat in the body which helps to burn more fat.

How does Burn XT Work?

Burn XT supplement works in a number of ways. The pill reduces the body’s craving for food thus helping to avoid consumption of more calories. It also increases body metabolism; this speeds up the rate at which the body burns off excess fat in the body. Increased body metabolism also provides the body with more energy thus making up for the reduced calorie intake. intake of the pills, together with regular exercises will help reduce weight.

Burn XT Pros

  • Boosts energy: Intake of the supplements increase energy levels in the body; this increased energy could be channeled to other weight cutting activities like attending the gym.
  • Reduces appetite: They help its users reduce cravings for food. This translates to a reduction in calorie intake which keeps its user in line with his/her weight loss goal.

Burn XT Cons

  • Intake of caffeine may lead to headaches and anxiousness.
  • It leads to too much energy in the body which can be bad for those who can’t handle it.
  • Green tea may mix with synephrine; this may lead to a reaction that could impact negatively on the user’s health.
  • It isn’t fit for use by people who suffer some serious illnesses.

Burn XT Results

The supplement mainly relies on its appetite reduction ability to help cut on weight. However, it’s worth noting that a reduction in calorie intake without regular exercises would not necessarily translate to weight loss.

Where to Buy Burn XT?

The dietary pills can be obtained at many reputable online stores. This includes Amazon and eBay. The only thing one needs is to order online and they’ll get delivered to any location in the world.

Is Burn XT a Scam?

Weight loss is a great concern with many people out there trying to find the right product to solve their weight loss needs. This has led to a higher demand for Burn XT supplements. With an intention of getting a share of the profits, many companies have developed close imitations of the supplements leading to scams. As such, proper care should be taken to ensure the product is legit before making a purchase.

Burn XT Side effects

The use of Burn XT exposes its users to potential side effects. This is because the supplement has a high content of caffeine and synephrine. Caffeine is an active stimulant which may not do well with every person’s body. The synephrine content, on the other hand, can expose users to serious illnesses like high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Final Verdict

Burn XT has created a false hope, among many people, of the possibility of achieving great weight loss within a short time and with little effort. The supplement is associated with a number of side effects which could pose a great threat to its users’ overall health. There’re no short-cuts in weight loss, it’s a process that would take time and considerable effort. A proper weight loss technique entails a good workout plan as opposed to a supplement to help speed up the process.

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