Dermagen IQ Review: Does it Work? Results, Benefits, Is it Worth to Buy, Side Effects

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Dermagen IQ reviewsDermagen IQ Reviews

As we grow older, our body organs deteriorate over time. Our skin is an organ on the surface so all the changes start showing. This causes a loss of confidence especially in women and they may go for measures as drastic as conducting surgery or injections in the attempt to make their skin look younger again. Beauty and Truth Company provided a more effective and natural method for dealing with ageing skin, through the production of Dermagen iQ cream.

Dermagen IQ Manufacturer

The company behind the production of Dermagen iQ is called Beauty and Truth. It is a UK – based company that produces all natural skincare products for sale worldwide.

Dermagen IQ Claims

Beauty and Truth claim that Dermagen iQ has the efficiency to clear skin of unwanted spots, tighten it if it is sagged due to ageing and even the skin texture. They also say that it has no negative side effects, outward or inward for its users.

Dermagen IQ Ingredients

Dermagen iQ is majorly composed of:

  • Stay C – 50 is a special form of vitamin C that enhances the production of collagen which fights external harmful particles
  • Vitamin E that enhances the skin look and feel by improving texture and eliminating dark spots
  • Wheat protein assists in moisturizing the skin and making pores smaller to prevent penetration of bacteria and other radicals

How does Dermagen IQ Work?

Dermagen iQ boosts the formation of collagen which is a natural skin ingredient that moisturizes the skin, keeping it smooth, hydrated and radiant. As a result, it eliminates fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles, restoring your skin to its youthfulness.

Dermagen IQ Benefits

Dermagen iQ is an all – natural skin care remedy with numerous advantages. These include:

  • It fights back the effects of stress on the skin, ensuring your younger look lasts. This it achieves through preventing radical damage brought about by stress hormones
  • Maintains skin hydration by adding and preventing loss of moisture, thus making it younger and supple always
  • It increases the production of collagen, ensuring the skin’s elasticity
  • The product manufacturer provides a clear ingredient list for transparency
  • It is multifunctional since it works to moisturize, remove dark spots and also make the skin firm, and at the same time prevents it from radical damage
  • The manufacturing company provides a return platform in case of any doubts or displeasure

Dermagen IQ Results

If applied on a clean face and neck twice daily (preferably in the morning and at night before bed) according to the manufacturer’s instructions, changes appear sooner. Skin gets firmer and more even as dark spots disappear gradually to a younger, brighter and more radiant skin.

Where to buy Dermagen IQ?

This product is only available online from the brand’s website in the UK but cannot be purchased physically in retail stores. It can also be found in selected US – based online vendors, although very expensively. For example, it can be found on Amazon for a whooping 62.79 Euros.

Is Dermagen IQ a scam?

Considering it is produced at a well renowned company which offers an efficient money-back guarantee for a period of time after purchasing it, it is safe to say that it is NOT a scam. It has been tested by international laboratories and been approved for release into the market.

Dermagen IQ Side effects

There are no known or expected negative effects from this skincare product from both the manufacturer and previous users. Having all natural components, it has no chemicals to cause harm.

Final Verdict

Dermagen iQ is a recommended product for all individuals in search for younger, tighter and more radiant skin. If the applications instructions are followed to the latter, desired results are to be experienced in a shorter span of time.