Ephedrex Review: Scam, Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Work?

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Ephedrex ReviewsEphedrex reviews

Ephedrex is a weight loss supplement designed to help you lose weight and burn calories faster. Ephedrex claims to be an all-natural product that provides an easy way to lose weight while enhancing the mood and energy of the individual.

Company Behind Ephedrex

Ephedrex is made by an American company, the Elite Nutrition Corporation which offers low-cost sports and performance supplements through their website. Ephedrex was designed at the Elite Nutrition Corporation by a team of experts to develop a supplement which would be an affordable alternative to other weight loss products on the market.

Ephedrex Claims

The following are claims the Elite Nutrition Company makes about their product, Ephedrex:

  • It boosts metabolism.
  • It allows more oxygenated blood to flow to your muscles faster.
  • Ephedrex suppresses apetite so you don’t need to eat as often.
  • Ephedrex enhances mood and leads to improved mental function.

Ephedrex Ingredients

The active ingredients in Ephidrex are; Acacia Rigidula, a supplement known to reduce appetite and increase the metabolism, Yohimbine, from the bark of an African tree which is believed to be a natural aphrodisiac and a mild stimulant, Stinging Nettle Leaf, which it is believed can rid the body of toxins, and Picamilon which contains high levels of Vitamin B which is a recommended daily supplement.

How Does Ephedrex Work?

Ephedrex claims to work through its special formula of nutraceutical extracts and herbs which are designed to stimulate and support the respiratory and nervous systems. Ephedrex is designed to suppress appetite leading to less eaten meals and enhance energy so one can work out for longer periods. Ephedrex also claims to stimulate metabolism, increasing your fat burning potential.

Let us consider the pros and cons of using Ephedrex:

Ephedrex Pros

  • The ingredients in Ephedrex are all natural.
  • A prescription is not required to purchase Ephedrex.
  • Ephedrex gives you an energy boost.
  • Ephedrex aids in the suppression of appetite leading you to eat less.

Ephedrex Cons

  • Very little is known about the manufacturer of Ephedrex.
  • How much of each active ingredient in Ephedrex is not given by the manufacturer?
  • Ephedrex does not come with a money back guarantee.
  • Ephedrex is not available in stores and must be purchased online.
  • There is no scientific backing to support the claims of Ephedrex.

Ephedrex Results

It seems that Ephedrex may help one lose weight through the process of increasing the metabolism and suppressing appetite, however, as there have been no clinical trials for Ephedrex, this theory has no scientific support.

Where to Buy Ephedrex?

Epedrex is available for purchase at the manufacturer’s website, ephidrex.com as well as on Amazon and at a few other sites, you can find by way of Google, which sells a variety of supplements online.

Is Ephedrex a Scam?

Whether or not Ephedrex is a scam is a tough call as it does have positive reviews online. However, the resulting effects of taking Ephedrex have not been analyzed by scientific research, so it is impossible to say how well it works, or if it works at all to increase weight loss.

Ephedrex Side Effects

Ephedrex claims to have no adverse side effects on the person taking this supplement, and reviews online seem to support this claim. This could simply be a case of side effects not being reported and as there have been no clinical tests conducted on Ephedrex, any side effects which may exist are impossible to quantify.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, it appears that Ephedrex may indeed help one to lose weight through its ingredients which claim to boost energy and suppress the appetite, but as these claims have not been scientifically proven it could mean that the effects of Ephedrex are just a myth.

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