Horlaxen Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients

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Horlaxen Reviews

Physical fitness and a proper diet are integral parts of healthy living. Horlaxen, a dietary supplement comes in handy when trying to improve fitness and health. It is a nitric oxide based supplement that allows you to improve your muscle mass in your sleep, minimal effort.

Company behind Horlaxen

This supplement is manufactured by Spring Life Limited but packaging and shipping is done by RHEIM group. The latter is a logistics solutions company situated in Germany

Horlaxen Claims

Horlaxen supplements have a number of claims to them including:

  • Ability to increase libido by 66%
  • Build muscle mass as you sleep by 52%
  • 47% decrease in fatigue
  • 140% increase in testosterone levels
  • 42% increase in stamina

Horlaxen Ingredients

Horlaxen supplements are primarily nitric oxide in nature and are a blend of a number of hormone and non hormone based ingredients. The key ingredient to horlaxen supplements is the L-Arginine alpha ketogluterate. Other ingredients include silica, magnesium stearate and gelatin. It also contains L- citralline hormone.

How does Horlaxen

Horlaxine as mentioned earlier is primarily nitric oxide based. L-Arginine and L-citralline are responsible for increased testosterone production. Nitric oxide derived from L-Arginine enables increased blood flow to essential cells causing stress muscles to relax thus enabling muscle development. Magnesium stearate is used both as a lubricant of sorts; allows easy swallowing of the pills; as well as enhancing the solubility and absorption of the supplements. You only need to take two pills a day and you are all set.

Horlaxen Benefits

The use of horlaxine supplements not only has outwardly achievable benefits, but has a myriad of health related benefits as well. A number of health benefits are accrued from the use of horlaxine:

  • Lean muscle mass production
  • Elimination of lactic acid, ammonia and other toxins in the body
  • Repair of cracked and other damaged muscles
  • Increased cellular energy production
  • Increases the production of nitric oxide which in turn improves blood flow to vital organs, relaxation of muscles, testosterone production and lean muscle build up.

Horlaxen Results

So far, horlaxine users have reported increased muscle mass with minimal effort as well as more energy to get through their day.

Where to Buy Horlaxen?

The supplements can be purchased primarily from official website. Amazon.com sells a bottle of genuine horlaxine supplements online at EUR 29.95 and provides free shipping worldwide. A free trial can be acquired from horlaxen.net after which one has the option of purchasing them.

Horlaxen Trial Offer

Get trial offer here.

Is Horlaxen a Scam?

There have been claims of horlaxine being a scam. This claims stem from the little scientific back up to the claims made by horlaxine, the low levels of L-Arginine contained compared to other nitric oxide supplements in the market. On the other hand, testimonials from satisfied clients exist attesting to the usefulness and delivery of the product.

Horlaxen Side Effects

Horlaxine unlike other supplements has no known side effects associated with its long term or short term use. It has not been associated with nausea, development of male breasts, vomiting that are common side effects of using supplements and steroids.

Final Verdict

It is imperative to maintain a healthy and fit body so as to be effective in your day to day life. It is however difficult to do so without the proper amount of energy and on worn out muscles. Horlaxine helps to deal with this. Like any other products, there are those who are in support of it and realize the benefits and those that are against it and disprove it as a hoax. Do a little digging of your own before settling on horlaxine though I would recommend it.

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