Japan Tengsu Review: Side Effects, Ingredients, Scam, Does it Work?

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Japan Tengsu ReviewsJapan tengsu reviews

Japan tengsu pills are a supplement that serve as a man sex enhancing drug. The pills come in small packages of 16 500mg capsules. Categorized as a herbal and natural medicine product, they are easily accessible online, through most drug stores that operate in the internet.

Company Behind Japan Tengsu

They are produced by a company called Shiga Pharmacy Ltd. Like a lot of Chinese Asian manufacturers, they have no official website.

It is important to note that they have also no certificate issued by a government institution for their operations.

Users should always look out for this fact. It is probably the best way of understanding if the product is safe and beneficial to you.

The manufacturer and the online store advertisements suggest that it has no side-effects and that the pills are totally safe.

Japan Tengsu Claims

They claim that the product can be used in cases of:

  • impotence
  • penis dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation
  • simple poor sex performance

Japan Tengsu Ingredients

The ingredients are not completely listed on most of the online stores, but the only two active agents are:

  • Spinacia Oleracea Extract: This may be a fancy name, but it is basically spinach. It is true that spinach helps in increasing the production of semen, but it has no effect on sex performance. And this product is no semen booster supplement.
  • Male Deer Penis Extract: This extract is said to be an aphrodisiac and helps increase your desire for sex. Though it is a popular ingredient in herbal medicines of the same category, there are no real tested medical data about its effects and usage.

How does Japan Tengsu Work?

The product claims that its primal active agent is the Spinacia Oleracea Extract. They claim that this “magical” herb (their exact terms), is produced in Ogasawara Islands. The extract increases and boosts the kidney functions quickly, helping the erection and prolonging the intercourse. But there are no researches available that can prove this function in spinach extract.

The pills should be used orally, thirty minutes before sex. A lot of users complain that it has had no effect at all even when they upped the dose.

Japan Tengsu Pros

  • the low cost of the supplement compared to other similar products
  • the 100% natural composition
  • easy access (the medicine is easily found online on most drug stores in the internet)

Japan Tengsu Cons

The disadvantages are:

  • not effective
  • not approved by a government institution
  • false advertisement
  • no official website

Where to buy Japan Tengsu?

Having no official website and the lack of a certificate regulated by a government body suggest the scam theory. This can not be proved, but the false advertisements about the main active ingredients (spinach is no “magical” herb, and has no known connection with an increased sex performance) emphasize this possibility.

Final Verdict

The drug has a low cost, no side effects thanks to its natural composition. But these points are of no importance when the pills do not have any result in what they are supposed to do.

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