LevroPump Review: Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Work? Scam

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LevroPump Reviews

Levropump reviews
Pre-Workout supplements are ever growing in popularity because of their effectiveness in producing instant results. These supplements are enhanced with energy rich ingredients as well as endurance and strength boosters which crank up the growth of muscles by increased burning of fat. There are many pre-workout supplements available in the market today, some counterfeit, others original. One of those supplements which is very popular is the Levropump.

Company Behind LevroPump

Levropump is produced and manufactured by Kevin Levron Signature Series Company. This is a personal sports supplement brand created by Kevin Levron, a revolutionary man just as the series he has come up with. The series is distinctive despite these kind of supplements being so saturated in the market.

LevroPump Claims

  • Levropump has been claimed to provide long lasting energy
  • Others claim that the product aids in acute mental focus
  • The most widely spread claim is that the product is very effective in fat burning and building of muscles
  • Some customers have stated that the product has instant effects.

LevroPump Ingredients

The product contains the following ingredients,

  • Beta-alanine > This is a component of dipeptide carnosine which is a naturally occurring component in the skeletal muscle. It boosts the formation of lactic acid in the muscles during exercise
  • Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate > This is an amino acid produced by the human body and it is involved in the synthesis of nitrite oxide. It improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
  • Citrulline Malate > This is an amino acid commonly known for its purpose in delaying muscle fatigue.
  • Agmatine Sulphate > This a natural element synthesized from amino arginine, an element involved in a number of metabolic functions in the human body.

How does LevroPump Work?

Only some of the individual ingredients quantities are provided making it hard to tell exactly how this product works. However, the ingredients mainly comprise of energy boosters and metabolism accelerators which suggest that the product is more like a body building enhancement supplement. As much as the product helps the consumers body to gain muscles, the health risks involved are very high.

LevroPump Pros

The product works fast

  • Regulates the flow of blood to the muscles
  • Aids in the provision of nutrients to the muscles

LevroPump Cons

  • The product has very high levels of caffeine
  • It has very high health risks associated with it’s usage
  • Many people complain of different allergies after using it
  • The tangling sensation does not go away after exercises.

LevroPump Results

The results of this product are claimed to be instant. However most of it’s users have complained of numerous side effect due to the strength of the drug.

Where to Buy LevroPump?

Purchase of the drug can be done from a official website. This is a warehouse that offers free delivery on orders that cost more than $99. Other online supplement warehouses also sell this product. The price per order is cheaper when a customer is buying in bulk.

Is LevroPump a Scam?

There are claims that the product is counterfeit and does not work. However from most consumer’s reviews, it has been proven that the product indeed does work, but has a lot of side effects. It is effective and works instantly, but the effects do not last for long, and therefore the customer becomes overdependent on the drug.

LevroPump Side Effects

Some of the ingredients contained in Levropump are associated with a number of side effects including: increased heart rate, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, muscle disorders, irregular heartbeat, seizures, strokes, loss of consciousness, and in some cases death for patients who had heart conditions previously.

Final Verdict

Although this product is recommended for use 20-30 minutes before workout, there are many health risks associated with it’s usage including increased heart rate due to the high levels of caffeine in the product. Users have also complained of a tingling sensation that does not go away even after the workout session has been competed. Therefore, the final verdict remains that Levropump is not a safe product.

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