Monster Test PM Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients

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Monster Test PM Reviews

Monster test pm reviewsTestosterone is a very important hormone naturally found in humans. The body increases its production around puberty but body levels start to decline from age 30. The rate of decline is around 1% for every year after age 30. While men have much more testosterone than women, both experience the loss which comes naturally with age.

In men, testosterone helps maintain certain important bodily functions such as i. Strength and muscle mass.ii. Bone strength and density.iii. Fat distribution.iv. Red blood cell production.v. Sperm Libido and sexual performance.

Since testosterone helps to maintain all these functions, a reduction in testosterone levels will definitely affect all these negatively. In theory, the use of a testosterone booster should help improve these functions.This article is a review of monster test pm, a testosterone booster.

Monster Test PM Manufacturer

Angry Supplements Inc. which is based in Miami, Florida is the company behind monster test pm. It is marketed as a product which increases testosterone levels in men, and helps in losing weight. The ingredients are a combination of several substances which are known to boost testosterone, and naturally occurring herbs. The manufacturer thus claims that this will increase vitality and boost strength.

Monster Test PM Claims

What is monster test pm? According to the manufacturers, monster test pm is a natural testosterone booster which:

  • Improves vitality and stamina
  • Reverses aging by helping men build lean muscles
  • It is also said to boost libido, sex drive and sexual performance.
  • It is said to increase production of free testosterone, thus improving blood flow and the burning of belly fat.
  • Increase alertness and improves sleep. It is also said to improve mood.

Monster Test PM Ingredients

Monster test pm boasts of naturally occurring ingredients such as,

  • Boron – This can help increase testosterone level by as much as 30%, thus helps in strengthening bones.
  • D Aspartic Acid – this regulates testosterone levels in the body.
  • Melatonin – Is a natural sedative with little known side effects.
  • Valerian root – Helps reduce anxiety and restlessness.
  • Saw Palmetto – This enhances the function of the prostrate gland.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – This increases blood flow and by extension, performance during sports and sexual performance.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – A Chinese herb which promotes stamina and mental alertness.

How does Monster Test PM Work?

Monster test pm is meant to boost testosterone production in men. It is meant for use by adults only. Two tablets should be taken thirty minutes before meal. Side effects are minimal because the ingredients are naturally occurring. Within a few days, the patient should generally feel an increased sense of wellness as well as improved stamina. It increases the testosterone level by as much as 30% so users should be able to do more physical activities. Within a few days, it should increase sexual drive.

Monster Test PM Pros

  • It can help in increasing testosterone production which leads to more red blood production and ultimately increased capacity to burn belly fat. Or at least, that is what is indicated.
  • It can help increase bone density, improve strength and stamina, thereby helping to build lean muscles. This is good for overall fitness.
  • Sexual drive should increase with the use of this supplement. Sexual performance should also improve.

Monster Test PM Cons

The drug has an offensive smell which is discouraging since it is meant to be swallowed.2. While working out at the gym or carrying out athletic activities, there is no noticeable difference vitality or agility.3. After using it for months, together with a diet plan, there is really no change in belly fat. It seems it may take several months before you actually burn belly fat.4. This product should naturally improve the frequency and quality of erections, but this has not been found to be the case.5. Side effects – For a drug which delivers so little in terms of results, the risk of side effects inherently present in all drugs, is not worth taking for this.

Monster Test PM Results

Unfortunately, this product has performed below average in terms of results delivered. It has not proven effective in building body mass or increasing stamina or vitality. Even sleep is not markedly improved. On the positive side though, it may work wonders after several months use.

Where to buy Monster Test PM?

This product can be obtained online on for a decent price. If you can’t wait for shipping, you can get it at your local gym since most of them have it in store. Many retail pharmacy outlets also stock it. So if you have the patience to wait for it to work, you may purchase some.

Is Monster Test PM a scam?

While this product has been touted to deliver great results, practical use has shown that it falls short in delivering the desired results on most fronts. The product may take several months to begin to build up the level of testosterone. What has not been determined is whether monster test pm is even able to build those levels to the effective threshold. Unfortunately, there are no studies out there which can defend its efficacy.

Monster Test PM Side effects

The side effects of the product may be minimal being that most of the ingredients are naturally occurring compounds. Some cases of patients developing a rash after a few days of using this product have been reported. There may also be some other mild side effects which have not been reported.

Final Verdict

A good testosterone booster should increase the level of testosterone in adult men thereby giving them most of the benefits highlighted above. These include but are not limited to improved vitality, increase in lean muscle mass, burning of belly fat, increased sex drive and performance. In the case of monster test pm, it has not been found to be effective in delivering on these claims. In fact it fails on most counts. This is not a product I will recommend for anyone who wants fast and decent result.

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