Performix SST V2x Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients

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Performix SST V2x ReviewsPerformix SST V2x reviews

Performix sst v2x is a supplement which can be used to burn fats within your body. It is presented as a multi phase super suspension with natural ingredients and having thermogenic properties. If you have been going to the gym to loose weight without much success, may trying this product can change the situation. Using this product has been made easier since you can consume it through your normal diet.

Company Behind Performix SST V2x

Performix is the company behind this supplement. This company is know for its weight loss products which are meant to help you lose weight in the quickest way possible without any side effects. This product was released in the market in 2016.

Performix SST V2x Claims

Performix sst v2x is claimed to boost your metabolism. It is also suggested that it increases your mental focus as well as boosting your energy levels. You are supposed to take two capsules in the morning before you eat anything. It is also claimed that this product gives the best results when it comes to weight loss.

Performix SST V2x Ingredients

The product has various ingredients meant to faciliate the weight loss process. They include 300 mg of caffeine anhydrous, 25 mg of p-synephrine, 50 mg of theacrine, 5 mg of evodiamine, 5 mg of yohimbine hcl and an oil diffusion carrier matrix. Most of these ingredients come from natural plants materials geared towards accelerating your weight loss.

How does the Performix SST V2x Work?

This three main ingredients in this product are caffeine anhydrous, P-Synephrine and Theacrine. Caffeine anhydrous enables the body to eliminate excess fat molecules stored in your belly. This ingredient further enhances your body’s activity by making the muscles more prominent. The P-Synephrine ingredient on the other hand encourages safe weight loss by supporting muscle growth and enhancing stamina. The Theacrine ingredient supports fat burning and gives you a better sleeping experience.

Performix SST V2x Pros

  • The product increases your energy levels hence giving you stamina for lighting heavy weights during workouts
  • It is an affordable product in the market
  • Supports safe weight loss

Performix SST V2x Cons

  • This supplement has a powerful stimulant which may increase the rate of your heart beat
  • It contains chemicals that may be harmful to your body
  • Users have experienced side effects such as dry mouth and cold sweats
  • The product has negative side effects such as insomnia, dizziness and headaches

Performix SST V2x Results

Using this product together with exercises and a proper diet leads to increased energy in your body as well as focus. It may help to some extent only that there is no documented evidence in support of the weight loss claim.

Where to Buy Performix SST V2x?

Performix sst v2x can be purchased at a cheaper cost from Amazon. You can also acquire it from the GNC stores but this will require you to have a gold membership card. You will still buy at a higher cost even when you have the card. So visiting Amazon is the easiest and the cheapest way to get this product.

Is Performix SST V2x a Scam?

The general lack of research to support this product’s claims is disturbing. The customer reviews also talk mostly about the negative aspects of this product while at the same time its results can not be quantified. These aspects are worrying and our advise would be that you consider using other products that have been tested and doesn’t have harmful side effects.

Performix SST V2x Side effects

This product has several side effects due to the powerful stimulants within its formula. If you don’t follow the prescribed dosage, the chances are that your sleep patterns may be affected. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then this product will not be proper for you. Other side effects include cold sweats, boost in energy, boost in attention span and faster heart rate.

Final Verdict

The side effects to this product can be minimized by using the right diet. If you are on unhealthy diet then the chances are that the side effects will increase even further. Not exercising can also be harmful to your body while using these supplements. This product will only be a better option if you are supplementing it with other weight loss efforts. There are other products on the market which you can use especially if your body reacts to the use of this product.

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