Phenblue Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients

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Phenblue ReviewsPhenblue

Pen Blue is a perscription drug with a blue colour and that is why it has that kind of name. It is a simple weight loss pill and if you are trying to lose the weight then this is not for you or is it?

Company behind Phenblue

Who is behind of all this? In case you are wondering that is the Intechra Health labelled as the leader in the dietary supplements industry. They offer safety weight management and they have a certificate.

Phenblue Claims

You can reach full potential as they said. Just by taking this pills. It gives you 360 approach. You can hit five main keys of weight.

  • It reduces calories from fat
  • Increases energy
  • Reduce hunger
  • Making a difference
  • Burning body fat

Phenblue Ingredients

The PhenBlue contains ingredients like caffeine anhydrous, 7-Keto-Dehydroepiandeoserone Acetate, Epigallocatechin 3-Gallate and Forskolin extract. There is also 5-HTP. They assure us that the product does not include phentermine. Every one of this ingredients contains something to help you lose your body weight. Like Caffeine Anhydrous help you burn fat more by raising your body temperature and boosting metabolism.

How does Phenblue Work?

Supposedly they said it works like a Phentermine. The thing is that it has the main target your brain that sends signals when you are hungry. It releases a certain amount of adrenalin and neurotransmitter into your body. It may be that even works outside of your brain. This way it impacts the body fat cells to break.

Phenblue Pros

Even it is considered one of the five top pills in the market. Weight loss can’t just go as you would expect. You have to work hard, but what are the pros:

  • They turn down your appetite
  • Have ingredients that support claims of weight loss
  • Promotion of exercise and diet as weight loss way

Phenblue Cons

When there are pros there are cons and we have some for you.

  • Several side effects
  • Claim of losing twenty lbs in thirty days is unhealthy
  • It suggests you avoid tea and coffee while taking PhenBlue
  • Lack of consumer reviews
  • There are even more to it, no money-back-guarantee is included.

Phenblue Results

There are some dark streets in this neighborhood. From the customers that were taking this product, we can see that there is nothing good there. They said it didn’t do anything at all, they stay fat and unhappy with less money in their pockets.

Where to buy Phenblue?

You can order PhenBlue from the official website of Intechra Health. It is really expensive and limited for residents in U.K. international customers don’t have a standard delivery alternative. Based on your needs it is way expensive, but does it really work.

Is Phenblue a scam?

What is a scam overall? Is it related to PhenBlue? I don’t know, maybe it is. There are some people with claims that this product helped them a lot while others say it didn’t. You can loose some weight, but it is better to skip this one.

Phenblue Side effects

This is one of the main reason why you shouldn’t take this. It has so many side effects. It may cause a headache, insomnia, and they said that pregnant women, people with high pressure should not take this supplement. Other than this there is no more information about the side effects.

Final Verdict

It is maybe the potential in the near future, but there are so many side effects and the ingredients are not the ones that will make you slim so easily. It is expensive and you must take them more than three months to really see some difference. The good thing is there are all natural ingredients. The lack of consumer reviews is really a downside of the product.

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