Progentra Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients

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Progentra reviewsProgentra Reviews

The market for male penis enlargement pills has increased in the recent past because of various issues such as alcoholism, lack of confidence to satisfy the partner and stress. Progentra, is one of the pills developed to fill the market need for sexual satisfaction but comes with negative effects.

Company behind Progentra

Progentra is produced by Angry Solutions, a company based in the USA. The company uses natural products and engages clinical tests to attest the quality of the product to the users.

Progentra Claims

  • Prograntra guaranteed all users penis enlargement within 2-4 weeks of usage
  • More than 50 page of research on Progentra‚Äôs syner-boost formula affirm its effectiveness
  • Decreased sexual downtime
  • Improved erectile quality
  • Increased penis girth and length
  • Increased sexual performance

Progentra Ingredients

Progentra uses natural ingredients such as Tongkat Ali to boost testosterone level, Horny goat weed to heighten sexual drive by boosting stamina and libido, Maca root to improve orgasm, Muirapuana for arousal purposes, Tribulus Terrestris to boost the production of the hormone testosterone and L-Arginine to widen the vessels to accommodate more blood.

How does Progentra Work?

The use of Progentra triggers the body to undertake several activities to enhance the sexual desire. The sexual inhibitors are stimulated, and hence preparing them for the sexual act such as enhancing the blood circulation to the penis. Additionally, the penis muscles are affected and hence improving the girth of the user’s penis.

Progentra Pros

  • Raises blood circulation in the body, and hence, can be applied by the aged generation to enhance erections and also aids cardiovascular health.
  • Helps in tissue repair, hence, applicable to body builders.
  • Helps in the multiplication of testosterone, an important factor for restoring sexual stamina

Progentra Cons

  • The use of Progentra can stimulate body hormones that raise the blood circulation, hence, cannot be used by individuals with diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure
  • It is also advisable to seek medical attention to discover the cause of the problem before using the pill
  • Stimulate diseases such as heart enlargement
  • Long time use can be addictive and hence affect individual performance

Progentra Results

There are no guarantee results for using the Progentra. Though there are claims that the pill uses natural products, the end results are not certain.

Where to buy Progentra?

The pill is available on the company website, and the site offers great discounts to the users. However, direct contact with the company is not available, but the site connects the users with the company by use of a contact form.

Is Progentra a scam?

Progentra use is a scam. As many companies get to the market to advertise their product to enhance the sales level, so does the producing company. Organizations that engage in clean businesses come out clean and sell the products directly to the clients other than hiding behind the scenes.

Progentra Side effects

Progentra initiates the production of hormones which can cause premature deaths. It also affects the blood circulation, which leads to heart enlargement. Excessive use of the pill can also lead to addiction since the use must use the product to activate the body.

Final Verdict

Progentra has been in the market for some time, but the negative results surpass the positive results. Additionally, there is no certainty in the use of the product, and though the company uses the money back guarantee to stimulate the buyers, only real case users can attest to the applicability.

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