TC1 Gel Review: Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Work? Scam

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TC1 Gel Reviews

Gym rat or just trying to get in shape? TC1 Muscle Gel is exactly the workout enhancer you need to keep those workout sessions long and effective. This heat-activated topical gel greatly enhances sweating and circulation whether working out in the gym or during an evening run. Proven to be effective for both men and women, the gel promotes the hard sweat associated with fat and calorie burning.

What is TC1 Gel?

A product designed to disrupt the market with a game-changing sweat product that boosts people’s workouts, the product manufacturer’s claim is that it is “the most advanced topical pre workout” out there, and that their unique blend of special raw ingredient is what puts the TC1 gel in a different league from the others.

TC1 Gel Claims

With this gel, consumers can expect:

  • Increased circulation causing them to sweat harder and burn more calories, subsequently.
  • Reduced recovery time from soreness or muscle fatigue and quicker pain relief.
  • Toner and tighter problem areas by applying gel over these target areas before or after workout.

TC1 Gel Ingredients

TC1 gel contains petrolatum, coconut oil, jojoba oil, squalene oil, aloe vera oil, carnuba wax, tocopheryl, acetate (vitamin e), glycyrrhizinic acid, fragrance, and its most active natural ingredient Capsaicin, an ingredient sourced form chili peppers.

How the TC1 Gel Works?

Activated by heat, when applied before a workout the TC1 Gel is said to increase circulation and sweat production. The general idea here is that more sweat leads to faster calorie burn, a theory that remains unproven.

The active ingredient, Capsaicin also stimulates pain signals and releases a compound that dulls pain sensors, fighting muscle fatigue.

TC1 Gel Pricing and Where to Buy?

The TC1 Sweat Ignition Muscle Gel is currently available for purchase for between $36-39.99 for a single 6.5oz container, $69.95/two similar sized containers and $89.98/three containers, and users interested in trying out this amazing gel can obtain it on Amazon or through the product’s official website at

Is TC1 Gel a Scam?

Interested customers can be sure that the TC1 Sweat Ignition Gel is truly a workout enhancer and you are sure to feel its effect. While the product site does not allow for reviews, product feedback on Amazon is largely positive, with verified purchasers confirming that the product works as advertised with pain relief, increased sweat and fat burn.

Since the product is heat activated, it would only go as hard as its user’s workouts allow. So for faster results with weight loss, it is advised to stick to intense workouts.

Final Verdict

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not to use this product. People with pepper allergies are also advised against using this product. Because of the active hot’ ingredient, users are to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and hot water after application, to avoid getting residue in their eyes. Workouts should also be followed with showers to wash off product residue. Not to be applied over open wounds, damaged skin or cuts. Product may prove harmful to users with sensitive skin.

Overall the TC1 Sweat Ignition Muscle Gel could really be useful for those looking to enhance their workouts. It measures up to similar products on the market that have been tested and proven to work and it contains an additional ingredient that is said to make the difference. Since there is no money back guarantee available for first-time users and complaints are handled on case-by-case basis, my take is to do your further research before you try it!

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