Total Garcinia Slim Review: Side Effects, Ingredients, Does it Work? Scam

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Total Garcinia Slim ReviewsTotal Garcinia Slim reviews

A lot of people are talking about the new girl in the town of fad diets and easy weight loss regimens—the garcinia cambogia diet pills. These diet pills promise potential users a fast and easy way to lose weight without any exercise or proper dieting involved. This particular claim already seems to good to be true, but does total garcinia slim really work and deliver with regards to its claims?

Company Behind Total Garcinia Slim

The manufacturers behind total garcinia slim and other garcinia cambogia diet pills have already ballooned to almost a hundred, but sadly, almost half of them are scammers out to get your money while putting your life and health in danger.

Total Garcinia Slim Claims

With regards to the supposed health benefits of garcinia cambogia pills, some of its alleged advantages include the following:

  • Prevention of fat accumulation
  • Effective appetite suppressant
  • Help in increasing your body’s serotonin levels
  • Lower bodily fat mass
  • Reduce overall calorie intake

Total Garcinia Slim Ingredients

The main ingredient of the Total Garcinia Slim diet pill is the garcinia cambogia extract, which comes from a rare fruit plant species known as Garcinia gummi-gutta, a fruit which is endemic to Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. The fruit comes from the Garcinia subelliptica tree and was first commonly used as flavorings for various dishes due to its very sour taste and bitter undertones. A handful of medical reviews and claims with regards to the fruit’s ability to improve digestion and treat bowel problems might have been the catalyst for the start of the weight loss rumors.

How Does Total Garcinia Slim Work?

According to various manufacturers, the total garcinia slimming pill works by utilizing its active ingredient Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA, which is known to suppress appetite levels, limit the body’s fat production and accumulation, increases the body’s serotonin levels and contributes to lower cholesterol levels. Each pill also contains Chromium, an ingredient which helps the body absorb the pill’s ingredients faster and therefore propelling its effects to show in a matter of days if not months.

Total Garcinia Slim Pros

To be fair to this particular pill, total garcinia slim had a handful of advantages. Some of its listed benefits are the following:

  • The pill has natural ingredients which makes it relatively safe to ingest
  • Increases endurance especially during exercise
  • Effective appetite suppressant

Total Garcinia Slim Cons

But these benefits are overshadowed by the risks of taking this diet pill. Some of its risks are listed as follows:

  • There are a lot of fake manufacturers, and potential buyers are very prone to being scammed
  • The pill’s ingredients such as HCA and even the Garcinia cambogia extract itself has not been properly tested, with various studies coming out with very contrasting results
  • Some users have reported seeing no weight change at all
  • Some manufacturers increase the HCA levels found in their pills, which is very dangerous since HCA levels should not stray beyond 60% per capsule.

Total Garcinia Slim Results

The results from taking this particular diet pill can vary according to user, but there is a significant number of people who are reporting that the pill had no effect on their bodies whatsoever, and was only effective in appetite suppressing but not on the reducing fat part. Moreover, Some manufacturers are saying that this pill decreases body fat by up to 25%, which is very suspicious since different bodies have different chemistry makeups, thereby making it hard to actually stick to a defined percentage rate.

Where to buy Total Garcinia Slim?

Total garcinia slim weight loss pills can be purchased from various re-sellers both online and offline. Potential users of this product are advised to refrain from buying at Amazon since most of the people scammed had bought their pills via a website posting at Amazon.

Is Total Garcinia Slim a Scam?

This particular product, the total garcinia slim itself, is not a scam since it can be really bought online. However, a lot of diet pill users have to be extra careful and must look for a legitimate retailer. There have been reports of illegal marketers using various websites to peddle their fake garcinia cambogia products online.

Total Garcinia Slim Side Effects

Some total garcinia slim users have reported experiencing various side effects such as a light headache, nausea, and uncomfortable sensations in their digestive tract. These claims have been surfacing despite a number of statements from manufacturers that these weight loss pills are generally safe to use since its ingredients are always all-natural.

Final Verdict

No matter what these weight loss pills claim, it is never advisable to take the easy way out with regards to getting healthy and losing weight, and taking total garcinia slim pills is definitely one of them. At the end of the day, getting that body you’ve always wanted purely relies on sticking to a healthy lifestyle and eating right.

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