Troxyphen Review: Does it Work? Side Effects, Scam, Results

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Troxyphen Review

Troxyphen is a new powerful testosterone-boosting supplement for men. As a fat burner, it claims to boost energy and testosterone levels while promoting weight loss at the same time. Studies have shown that about 15 percent of men have low libidos due to low testosterone levels. Troxyphen is therefore meant to assist these men feel and look better by having more testosterone.

Company behind Troxyphen

truDERMA is the company that manufactures Troxyphen supplement. It’s relatively a new company and hence not much reputation to talk about. The Troxyphen trademark arrived towards the end of 2012. This was shortly after the release of the product.

Troxyphen Claims

This product is claimed to:

  • Boost libido and testosterone levels in men
  • Help the body produce creatine so as to increase the muscle mass
  • Support prostate and the overall sexual health in men
  • Increase energy as well as thermogenic burn

Troxyphen Ingredients

The formula comes in two blends. The first one is the Testosterone Boosting Blend which is about 500 mg. This blend contains Testofen Fenugreek Extract, L-Arginine Proglutamate, Tribulus Terrestris, Potency Wood Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract and Dehydroepiandrosterone. The second one is the Thermogenic Shred Blend which is about 223 mg. This blend contains caffeine, Synephrine Caprylate and Yohimbe HCL.

How does Troxyphen Work?

Truderma suggests that in order to manage weight, there is need to increase the testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels causes excess fat to accumulate near the chest, waist and thigh areas. Troxyphen therefore works by increasing the testosterone levels so as to boost energy, increase fat burning capabilities and lean muscle mass. It therefore uses both its testosterone-boosting ingredients and fat-burning stimulants to give you results.

Troxyphen Pros

  • The product comes with money back guarantee just in case you are not happy with it.
  • It’s an effective in weight loss due to combined testosterone and thermogenic properties.

Troxyphen Cons

  • The presence of caffeine, synephrine and yohimbe can be problematic to the body.
  • Its stimulant rich formula calls into question the safety of this product.
  • The Fenugreek ingredient has been associated with effects such stomach upsets and diarrhea.
  • The use of the product can also lead to hair loss, high blood pressure, acne, facial hair and deepened voice.

Troxyphen Results

The Troxyphen’s ingredients have been proved to be a natural cure to most male sexual problems. Despite being natural, the risk of getting side effects is still very live.

Where can you buy Troxyphen?

The product is available on the truDerma’s official website. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules which is enough dosage for a month. Other third party websites like and are also selling this product.

Is Troxyphen a scam?

People who are used to high stimulant and caffeine doses will be favored by this product. It’s a strong product and hence the need to talk to your doctor before trying it out. Being a new product, there are no customer reviews to look at. It would therefore be better to allow it some more time to understand the reactions and possible side effects before purchasing this product.

Troxyphen Side effects

The possible side effects of Troxyphen formula include hair loss or growth, acne, aggressiveness and estrogen increase. Other effects resulting from its ingredients include stomach upsets, bloating, dizziness, headache, constipation, facial hair growth, migraines, fainting, racing heartbeat, tremors and high blood pressure.

Final Verdict

Troxyphen product contains stimulants and testosterone boosting ingredients. These composition makes it effective for weight loss but at the same time raises key safety concerns. Most of its ingredients will make many people feel uncomfortable. There many other testosterone boosting supplements on the market that may well rival this product due to their consistent results.