Viril X Review: Does it Work? Scam, Side Effects, Ingredients

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Viril X ReviewsViril x reviews

Viril X is a sexual performance enhancement medication. It has false claims that it works by boosting the testosterone level of men. Factors like weak erection, low libido levels, and lack of stamina contribute to frustration and embarrassment in the sexual life of most men. Viril X is available in capsules and it is available in most online stores.

Company Behind Viril X

The information about the company behind Viril X is confusing and unclear. Most of the online store where the product is sold don’t have clear information of the manufacturer. At most they claim United Kingdom as the manufacturing country.

Viril X Claims

There are many bogus claims that surround Viril X. Some of these claims are :-

  • Increment of sexual libido.
  • Boosting of sperm count.
  • Protection against hyperplasia.
  • Treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Viril X Ingredients

Promotional materials of Viril X does not come with the full ingredients list of Viril X, nevertheless it highlights some of its active ingredients which are well known ingredients in most male enhancement supplements. It is not yet verified however, if the listed chemicals are in Viril X. Some of the highlighted ingredients are: L-argine, Tribulus Terrestris, Koren Ginseng, Maca.

How Does Viril X Work?

Viril X works by increasing testosterone in men, increasing sex drive, boosting sperm count and low penile erection. Korean Gingseng is an ingredient in Viril X which is an age-long testorone booster, while Tribulus Terrestris is a Chinese herb for curing infertility and boosting libido. Maca root is an aphrodisiac.

Viril X Pros

  • Viril X increases sexual libido and provides the needed stamina to last longer during sex.
  • Viril X boost testosterone, which brings about higher sperm count.
  • Viril gives a stronger and sustained penile erection needed for a good sexual experience.
  • Viril X is natural sexual enhancer.

Viril X Cons

The cons of taking includes the following points:-

  • No clear information about the manufacturer of Viril X.
  • It is available in only online stores.
  • Viril X does not have full ingredients information.
  • The claims made by the manufactures about Viril X are largely unverified.
  • Viril X has to be taken for a long time before the results are obvious.

Viril X Results

Manufacturers and promoters of Viril X claims that using the product will result to better sexual libido, a better sperm count. Viril X will also increase your testosterone level, and give you a better sexual experience, bringing life to your relationship. They also claim that it can protect you from hyperplasia. But currently there is no clear evidence that taking the product will result to any of these.

Where to buy Viril X?

Presently Viril X can be bought only online. Viril X is available is most online store that have a secure connection and payment gateway. Some of these online stores are:,, and among many other online stores.

Is Viril X a scam?

Viril X is a scam. It is not a legit sexual enhancement product. Most unclear information about the product manufacturer and unverified claims about product, and it is enough to label the product a scam.

Viril X Side Effects

Viril X has some reported side effects which includes; a rise in blood pressure can be caused by some of the natural compounds associated with the product. The product has been reported to provoke allergic reactions. Hypertensive patients are advice to consult their physician before taking the supplement.

Final Verdict

There are many drugs, supplements and medications on the market that claim to enhance sexual performance, boost sperm count and cure erectile dysfunction. Any one who wants to a sexual enhancement product, should do such in line with a physician’s advice. The ingredients of the products, the side-effects, and every available information about the product has to be scrutinized before any decision is made. Viril X does not meet all these requirement and the use is not advised.

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