Xtra Man Cream Review: Side Effects, Does it Work? Scam, Ingredients

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Xtra Man Cream Reviews

Xtra Man CreamXTRA man cream is a cream produced and marketed as a male enlargement cream that enhances men arousal and performance they need to perform at their best in bed. The cream is believed to seal erection problems and increase sensation during sexual activity. XTRA man cream is more popular in abroad countries like India and Pakistan.

Company Behind Xtra Man Cream

It is not clear the company that is behind the manufacture of the product.

Xtra Man Cream Claims

  • It is claimed that the cream does the following magic to the male sexual organ
  • Enhances erection and improves sexual pressure
  • Improves the duration of intimacy
  • Enhances the physical growth of the penis during the erection and in the passive state
  • Heals symptoms of erectile dysfunction
  • Increases stamina during intercourse

Xtra Man Cream Ingredients

The XTRA-man cream is believed to contain the ingredients that include L-Arginine, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng and some aspartate. Although the above ingredients are suspected to be in the cream, there is no more information provided regarding the real ingredients that make up the cream and if they are harmful or not.

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How Does Xtra Man Cream Work?

XRTA man cream works by massaging it into the nether region of the penis. Once, it has been massaged into the area until it is fully absorbed, it is possible to notice improvement in the arousal levels and other qualities improving. To produce best results, one should take quarter size tab and massage the penis skin gently in and out direction until the cream is fully absorbed. It is recommended not to take bath within one hour of massaging the gel.

Xtra Man Cream Pros

  • No commitment or taking it every day
  • Ingredients known about the cream are natural and effective
  • Enough testimonies about its effectiveness are available on the official website
  • It produces positive results, hence money back guarantee.

Xtra Man Cream Cons

  • It is impossible to tell the full formula of the ingredients. Thus, it is difficult to know if it works
  • It may lack powerful enough blood flow enhancer for it to provide faster and working improvement.
  • There is no specific and independent XTRA man cream testimony from customers to know its stories
  • There is little information online about EXTRA man cream to help make conclusions

Xtra Man Cream Results

There is no clear information on the internet about the results of using the cream. The enlargement size and the magnitude of arousal is not provided.

Where to buy Xtra Man Cream?

Anybody who is interested in buying the cream can buy the product through the brand’s website. The XTRA-man cream is available and it can be shipped to customers’ door within a week or two weeks. The product can be bought also online through amazon or alibaba.

Is Xtra Man Cream a Scam?

XTRA man cream is product is advertised online on several websites but is difficult to know if the product exists or it is a scam. In sufficient product reviews on the product website creates doubt whether the product is real. However, existence of the product website may justify the existence of the cream in the market.

Xtra Man Cream Side effects

While there is more information about the benefits of the cream online there is no information provided about its side effects. However, the little information about the product ingredients could mean that the cream contains some substances that could be harmful to the users. The product website does not list any side effects because it is only applied on the skin.

Final Verdict

The XTRA man cream is praised on the website for producing good results when applied regularly while following the directions of use. However, it is ridiculous to believe that just massaging a cream on a penis can produce any magic gains in enlargement. Moreover, it is not clear how the cream can increase the duration of intimacy and improve feelings during sexual activity.